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Fully insured

Touch-Up Painting Guarantee K.A. Sodders Painting LLC Professional Painters in Sewickley PA and Cranberry PA

Touch-Up Painting Guarantee

With every residential painting contract we offer a 30 Day Touch Up Guarantee!

Even with our strict quality control, sometimes we might miss something. Sometimes marks mysteriously appear on your brand new wall right after you finish hanging your pictures.

To prevent these marks, please try not to touch your walls for at least a few days after they have been painted. If you have to touch a freshly painted wall, use a light touch and make sure you do not bump the wall especially with objects that have sharp edges.

Wax is a no, no also!! Never blow out a candle when there is a wall close behind it. It is almost impossible to fix wax on a wall without damaging the previous paint work.

But if somehow marks appear…. we will touch them up for free!!!

Contact us within 30 days of job completion to schedule your free touch up.

**Warning** – if the damage is caused by other contractors, the touchup guarantee will not apply. So please, when your electrician comes, make him wash his hands before working on your fresh painted ceilings. Flooring and carpet guys – make them put plastic on the walls to protect them from dust and dirt from their clothes and equipment.

Touch ups as a result of this or past the 30 day warranty are $30 per hour per painter.